3 Reasons Why People Thrive in Coworking Environments

April 30th, 2020

Coworking environments aren’t just for freelancers or entrepreneurs. Increasingly, businesses are offering options for their employees to work remotely and take advantage of coworking facilities and memberships. Small businesses use coworking spaces to provide professional settings for employee and client meetings. So why are coworking environments right for so many different types of people? What is it about these settings that allow so many people to thrive?

Coworking Creates a Sense of Community

Although coworking spaces are being used increasingly by a variety of professionals in all types of businesses, the advantage for remote and freelance workers of experiencing a sense of community while they work is undoubtedly critical to the success of the format. 

For many, the freedom of working alone is a great part of the appeal of remote and freelance work, but this poses difficultly when problems and questions arise. Sometimes an internet search just doesn’t have the same effect as talking problems out with a like-minded colleague. The opportunity to meet with and observe colleagues in the midst of their own work mode is a motivator and unifier for the typically independent remote worker, giving them a chance to appreciate being a part of a community without necessarily being beholden to it.

Freedom and Control

This is an advantage that remote workers and businesses alike are able to take great advantage of. Particularly for businesses that make coworking spaces available to their employees, the freedom to take ownership of their time and productivity is an incredible advantage for employees.

For freelancers, the freedom to be able to choose when to work and still have a place that allows them to focus and complete tasks efficiently can mean the difference between being able to take on all or just some of the jobs presented to them. Remote workers, on the other hand, can take advantage of the quiet, professional workspace that they are used to having access to in their corporate office, but having the freedom to decide when to work there and for how long. 

Corporations and business owners can nurture their employees’ independence by offering them coworking spaces to use and a less rigid schedule while saving a substantial amount of money on more long-term, expensive real estate options. Controlling costs is always a business concern and making use of coworking spaces addresses this concern while supporting employees.

Supports Professionalism

For many freelancers and remote workers, the appeal of not having to go into the office is being able to stay comfortable and relaxed and maintaining their own schedule. No matter how independent, every professional has to meet with clients at some point, and coworking spaces provide the professional atmosphere clients come to expect from their hires.

Having a quiet, clean, but bustling professional space to meet with clients can mean the difference between booking a job and losing a customer for good. Whether taking advantage of renting an office or boardroom for just one day or having a quiet space to meet and work all year, coworking spaces can go a long way toward “legitimizing” the freelancer, remote worker, or digital nomad for their potential customer.

Coworking facilities and spaces offer a variety of amenities and professional spaces for companies and individuals alike. By harboring a sense of community and creating a social network, allowing for freedom to work when and how one chooses, and creating beautiful, professional workspaces, these businesses serve the needs of a large segment of the business world.