The Top Five Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

November 5th, 2020

Successful entrepreneurs are quite an enviable set, indeed. They seem to make their own rules while living and working on their own terms, blazing trails as they go. While every entrepreneur is unique in their endeavors and process, here are the top five characteristics that every entrepreneur needs to reach the top tiers of success.

1. Visionary

Every entrepreneur starts off with a vision. The difference between the visionary entrepreneur and the dreamer is that once a vision takes hold of the entrepreneur’s mind, they never let it fade until it comes to fruition. Not only is creating an innovative, actionable vision for their future endeavor absolutely key, but the entrepreneur also must hold fast to their vision, maintaining a clear course to a definitive goal.

2. Brave/Adventurous

The entrepreneur looks at old problems in a new way and isn’t afraid to forge their own path to success. Tradition is a concept that tends to prevail in the business world, but the successful entrepreneur flies in the face of the old ways to establish new goals and discover new ways to get there. The fearless nature of the entrepreneur guides them to invent, reshape and direct the future of business, technology, and global enterprise.

3. Persuasive

No business can function successfully solely by the will of a single person leading the charge to success. When big ideas are at stake, not only does the entrepreneur have to have the vision and the guts to go forth, they also have to have the ability to bring others on board. Creating a team for something entirely new can be quite a challenge. But the successful entrepreneur has the charm, 

4. Collaborative

The entrepreneur isn’t just looking for Yes Men when they build their team. They bring on the people who have the skills necessary to build the vision to its maximum possible capacity. This means that once they have clearly communicated the vision to the team, they are able to trust that the team they have built will enhance and grow the concept by virtue of the additions of their own skills, talents, and dedication to the success of all in the endeavor.

5. Dedicated

Building something entirely new is not an easy path to take in business or anything else in life. The entrepreneur faces any number of failures and rejections before they reach their ultimate goal. Perhaps the most important characteristic of the successful entrepreneur is the dedication to the vision and tasks at hand to make it a reality. The successful entrepreneur looks for new paths when old ways are cut off, new connections when old prospects aren’t on board and innovation where tradition fails.

While becoming a successful entrepreneur is the combination of a lifetime of experience, learning, and effort, these five characteristics make up the hallmark of the entrepreneur who overcomes the odds to become a true success.